CTEC Energy

CTEC is an innovative CleanTech company which designs and builds Heat Recovery systems that generate electrical power from wasted engine exhaust gas.

Power from waste heat

Clean Thermodynamic Energy Conversion

Specifications & Performance Data:

CTEC Heat Recovery system (CTEC HR)

The CTEC Heat Recovery system (CTEC HR) can be employed by a variety of engines and heat sources. Our principal focus is the stationary gas (or diesel) engine sector.

The HR unit is an innovative self contained system that can be retro-fitted to an existing facility or employed in new-build installations.

How the system works:

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Unparalleled by known alternative technology

We capture the exhaust gas heat energy from an engine, heat this gas to Super-Heated Steam (SHS) using our patented (pending) Heat Exchanger. The SHS is fed into a Steam Expander which is connected to the electrical generator.

Quality Assurance:

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Bespoke units that maximise efficiency and revenue

Units are bespoke & modular in order to marry perfectly with a host engines.

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Our latest press release

CTEC will be joining with our French partners Vialog and Ovive at Pollutec 2013.